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Social Impact Business Practices

by Andy Nguyen

Social Impact Business Practices

"We shape the world - by what we consume, by what we give, by the questions we ask. By what we stand for, by what we won't. We shape the world - by taking the time to make thoughtful decisions, by supporting artists & makers. We shape the world by consuming less. By buying it if we only love it, and using/wearing it for years to come."


I came across this excerpt a few months ago (I'm not sure who wrote it) but it constantly keeps me thinking and it really hit home. We are evolving into a generation where socially conscious business practices are more important than ever. It's one of the reasons why our company Playfield embodies a model of giving back in some way.


When Diego and I started Playfield, we truly believed that business can and should be a force for positive change. I feel like a broken record sometimes repeating this belief of ours, but it just shows how strongly we are behind it even two years into Playfield.



Traditionally business has always been about profit, rightfully so, it's important. But what if we all take an extra step by leverage these profits into impact? If not profits... then how about sustainability? Little micro shifts and adjustments that we make to our day-to-day business operations can really make a big difference to our community and to the environment.


Time is also a valuable asset. Once or twice a year, the Playfield team and members of our community invest our time into volunteering projects. Our local charity partner Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids are always in need of volunteers in their kitchen making lunches for young kids. Can you plan it into your month to take the team out to help others in your community?


On behalf of Playfield, I invite you along on our journey towards conscious living. Spread the word, have deeper conversations, buy it only if you truly love it, give your purchases meaning, if you're not feelin' a bracelet anymore then pay it forward as a gift. There are so many ways to do good, and it always starts with us.

Thanks for taking the time to read!


- Andy, Co-founder of Playfield.

Andy Nguyen
Andy Nguyen