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Anthony Huynh - Fitness Trainer

by Andy Nguyen

Anthony Huynh - Fitness Trainer

Playfield Stories is a series of incredible individuals chosen for how they show up in this world. These are people who make it their priority to create a positive impact in their community - they are passionate leaders, influencers, and mentors.

Anthony is a leader and an expert in his field of fitness training and education. His desire for positive change and the way he leverages his community to commit to their health is hella inspiring to us at Playfield. His mission is to inspire my community to adapt to a life-changing journey that cultivates a positive mindset, self-confidence and strength through fitness. We took the time to learn a bit more about Anthony's story below.

1. You’ve been through an amazing transformational journey with your health so far. Tell us about your mission in life, personal training, and a bit about your personal story of getting into the health and fitness industry.
    Thank you so much for the kind words! My transformation with my body has been quite the life-changing experience thus far. In terms of my physical, emotional and mental well-being, fitness has definitely has made the most important change in my life. Before I explain how fitness impacted my life, I’d like to share with the readers about my story of how things came to be.
    Body image, self-esteem and confidence have all been things that I struggled with in my adolescent years. I was 200lbs, wore size 38” jeans and was at 30% body fat. Let’s just say I wasn’t in the greatest shape but thankfully my body didn’t cause any health concerns where it could have been a major issue. I just wasn’t in a state of happiness or felt grateful towards the physique I carried at the time.

    This state of unhappiness (or depression some may call it) was not just a physical but also emotional and mental disappointment as well. On top of that, I was also going through personal issues at the time dealing with matters involving the law and undergoing an identity crisis. Ultimately the relationships with people that I love became the reflection of the negativity that I let control me from within.

    Ironically the negativity that I experienced was probably the best thing that has ever happened. It was the spark that allowed me to feel the necessary pain so that I could grow with the intense desire for change. I straightened myself out with the law, I gave up alcohol, I began to invest my time on personal development, made drastic changes to my health and most importantly I wanted to give back to the community by being able to save lives in some way. I figured saving lives was the most honourable way of being of service to others so I decided to study to become an EMT and work with ambulance services.

    That same year I lost 50lbs (I finally had abs!) and entered into my first ever Spartan Race. That physical transformation not only motivated me to keep reaching for new goals but it also inspired friends and family around me to undergo their own transformations as well. A close friend of mine at the time Sherine saw the success that I had and she reached out to me asking for help as she was looking to undergo a transformation for herself. Fast forward to today and Sherine is now a world record holder in her powerlifting federation and a winner of bikini and fitness model competitions. She has played an integral part of my transition into the fitness industry.

    I soon discovered that being a medic was not a sustainable path for me and I decided not to continue but was determined to find other means of serving my purpose to society. When looking for a new path to follow in life I knew that I had to fulfill my purpose in a different role that can allow me to grow and utilize my strengths as an educator in the fitness industry. My mentor/cousin Andy, whom I treat as a brother, helped me discover my strength and talents so that I can utilize it for the right cause. He taught me that when finding a new career it’s important to understand your principles and values in order to fulfil your true purpose in life. I knew that I needed to find a career that I enjoyed, something that is in line with my purpose and most importantly one that I’m passionate about. Fitness was by far the clear choice.

    Fast forward to today and I am now a full-time personal trainer in the fitness industry! My mission is to inspire my community to adapt to a life-changing journey that cultivates a positive mindset, self-confidence and strength through fitness. I've found that personal training is allowing me to share my profound passion with the world by educating and inspiring individuals who value the benefits of good health and exercise. I can confidently say that helping others is what brings meaning and fulfillment into my life right now… by reminding myself of that, I will always know that I’m on the right path.

    2. How important is it to you that your “cup” is full first before you serve others?

      Filling your own cup is not only expected but necessary. As an individual who inspires others to adopt new lifestyles and an educator in fitness, it's important that I lead by example! I define filling my cup by living a life of balance, pursuing happiness, a state of well being that is in a balance between internal and external without the sacrifice of my own health. It would be hypocritical for me to coach others if I'm not practicing what I'm preaching.

      3. What advice would you give to a person who wants to get started in improving their lifestyle around their health?

        Get excited, enjoy the process and be patient for what's to come because when you improve your health you also change your lifestyle. During this process it's important to take things slow, big positive changes can be overwhelming but ultimately rewarding.

        Andy Nguyen
        Andy Nguyen


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