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Bethany Ross - Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids


Bethany Ross - Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids

Playfield Stories is a series of incredible individuals chosen for how they show up in this world. These are people who make it their priority to create a positive impact in the community - they are passionate leaders, influencers, and mentors.

This month we are featuring Bethany Ross from Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids. BB4CK has one goal: No hungry kids in Calgary. They strive towards this goal each day by providing healthy lunches directly to kids in local schools, and building awareness in their local communities in order to create a lasting positive change.

We took this opportunity to ask Bethany a few questions about herself and why she is so passionate about her purpose with BB4CK.

1. You’ve been working for BB4CK for a long time now, what are 3 key lessons that you’ve learned along the way?

I’ve learned so many things in my role at BB4CK! Here are three that I continue to practice and learn daily:

  • Practicing trust, both in myself and my instincts as well as in others.
  • Knowing that the work I contribute can only be as good as I am healthy and that ultimately I’m the only one who can ensure I’m at my best.
  • Making a plan, working with the plan, and adjusting as necessary.

2. How would you define social good and what it means to you?

I see social good as anything a person does to make their world better. Whether these deeds are large actions or small everyday ones - everything that we do matters.

3. If you were to go back in time and meet the 20-year-old Bethany, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

The same thing I need to remind my 33-year-old self – trust the process! Do your best, put in the work, build your community, and things nearly always come together beautifully.

4. What keeps you so inspired and motivated at BB4CK?

It’s hard not to feel inspired at BB4CK! Every day we are surrounded by people who care about kids and their community and are taking action to make a difference (like Playfield!). It’s incredibly inspiring.

5. Do you recommend the younger generation (millennials) to work at a non-profit or even a for-profit company that contributes back to its community? If yes, why do you think it’s important?

Finding a way to make a positive difference in your community matters immensely. Doing good makes you feel good, and it also contributes to the well-being of everyone around you. If that’s done through your job, whatever that job is, wonderful. Do that. If you can best contribute in a different way, do that. Find the things that light you up, and do them.

One of my favourite quotes: “Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman

6. What is something that you’re incredibly grateful for in your life right now?

My people! I am grateful for my husband, family, friends, and the BB4CK team. I am grateful to have so many loving, caring, wonderful people in my life!


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Catherine Marlin
Catherine Marlin

November 08, 2017

BB4CK is so lucky to have you. I am so happy to be able to get to know you and work with you. C

Catherine Marlin
Catherine Marlin

November 08, 2017

BB4CK is so lucky to have you. I am so happy to be able to get to know you and work with you. C

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